About the brand

CleAir is a new brand created to develop and commercialize EPoS’ innovative patented filtering technology in all its applications. Our goal is to offer clean, clear, pure air to everyone.


CleAir @ EPoS srl
Via Pavia 68/72, 10098 Rivoli (TO) ITALY

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The eco-compatibles protection mask with the exclusive patented CleAir reusable sterilizable antiviral air filters. Designed for the best fit modern technology can supply.

Designed and engineered with italian creativity and german quality and efficiency, the C-1 face mask has been at the center of our attentions for so many hours that it is hard to think of details we haven’t though of. CleAir technology is based on innovative, patented, ground-breaking re-usable sterilizable filters made by copper alloys: ecological high performance air cleaning from dust, bacteria and viruses.


Cleans your air from dust and kills bacteria and viruses in a matter of minutes.

At the heart of CleAir is a novel, patent pending, filtering technology developed in the midst of the Covid19. By combining the right amount, size and distribution of metal fibers and powders we have developed a completely new generation of filters made entirely of metals.

The best protection against Covid-19

The COVID19 crisis has exposed open wounds in our safety devices and procedures. We have learned in these months how asymptomatic individuals can spread the virus without even noticing.

For this reason we have decided to go beyond the norms UNI EN 140 and UNI EN 149 and have created a valveless system with interchangable filters in which all the air breathed out is filtered by our virus killing metals.

Unique features for daily
and professional protection

The unique C-1 mask provides the ultimate protection: equipped with copper filters to kill all viruses and bacteria, lightweight, sterilizable and 100% re-usable.
Save yourself and save the planet.

Green and eco-friendly

No more contaminated plastic and fibers, no more single shift filters and surgical face masks to handle with care and treat as a sanitary waste.

Re-usable for a lifetime

CleAir is forever. Forget single-use masks! Our filtering technology allows for the filters to be cleaned once clogged and re-used


All the materials have been accurately chosen to provide full compatibility with our bodies and are materials approved for medical devices (ISO 10993-5)


Designed for full sterilization in autoclave (134°C) or even dishwashers and home ovens. The masks made to protect you everyday, for your lifetime

Light fit

Only 83g of weight. A relief to your head and your neck. Try the difference.

Valveless technology

Wearing CleAir mans protect yourself and other thank to the valveless filtering system

Test the difference

We’ve designed CleAir protection masks to overcome all limits of the other personal protection device. We’ve came up with an outstanding product providing you with the best in class performances in protection, wearability and filtering technology.

Virus killing ability 0
Eco-sustainability 0
Best comfort in its class 0

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Be one of the firsts to try the C-1 semi facial face mask with interchangable filters. CleAir mask comes fully accessoriated with four filters, two overhead adjustable elastics bands and a sterilizable plastic case.


Protects you, protects others, protects the planet

We care about our health, our lives but also about the lives and health of future generations. Looking at the numbers of the sanitary waste that this crisis is generating is shocking: 9000 tons of extra trash from face masks alone per month in Europe. This must and finally can stop. Now. With C-1 each one of us will never again produce one gram of extra trash for the right to breath clean air.

Be the first to buy your CleAir exclusive C-1 face mask